Dog Fostering & Supportive Services for Alcoholics and Addicts Seeking Treatment

“To provide and promote a safe and healthy environment for dogs of recovering addicts and alcoholics.”

When an addict or alcoholic makes the brave decision to get help, we’re here to help too.

Dogs Matter is the only nonprofit organization providing free temporary foster care placement and supportive services specifically for dogs of addicts and alcoholics seeking substance abuse treatment. Our primary purpose is the welfare of the dog and ensuring a happy reunion with their owner once they have successfully completed treatment and are ready to be a healthy and responsible dog owner again.

We understand the great need that exists for our services in the local recovery community, not just here in Dallas but all over the country for those willing to seek treatment.

Please contact us if you (or a loved one) are considering addiction treatment and need our help with your dog while you’re away.

We take care of your best friend while you take care of yourself!

Our Services

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Dogs Matter provides foster care and supportive services to help you and your loved ones while in recovery.

Rescue Stories

We have remarkable and memorable stories of recovery and touching reunions we want to share with you. 

Contact Us

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Contact us for information on becoming a partner, volunteer opportunities, or general inquiries.