December 2016

Dogs Matter was featured in the American Kennel Club Magazine at the end of 2016. Read the amazing article below!

December 2016

Wow! What a great experience it has been for Dogs Matter to be a part of Spark Tank. You guys have allowed us and the other participants to be able to develop contacts, partnerships, and friends. Dogs Matter will always be grateful for the opportunity. To be able to receive the affirmation and recognition of a vision I had four years ago, makes me so excited and motivated for the future of Dogs Matter. Spark Tank is exactly what the visionary social service entrepreneurs needs to kick start new and undiscovered programs to have a chance to make a difference in a world of changing needs.....and the $20,000 will help too!! Again, thank you for being a part of our journey.....that has just begun! You guys rock!

Stephen Knight -- President 

February 2016

WFAA8 News Story
Non-profit fosters dogs for recovering addicts